Loyalty Points

Loyalty points can only be redeemed online against purchases made on our site.

Customers receive 1 point for every full £1 spent online. Points are worth 1p each.
Points can then be redeemed online when at least 100 are accumulated
(100 points is worth £1.00 to redeem off purchases on our site).

You can find out how many points you have during the checkout process or by visiting your account and clicking 'Order Information'. Points are valid for 3 months & are only awarded once orders have been processed & despatched by us.  


Loyalty points have changed - You now only have to accumulate 100 points before you are able to spend them (as opposed to 500 previous to June 2015) This means customers are able to reap the benefits more easily and sooner than previously! From 1st August 2015, points will be valid for 3 months (as opposed to 12 previously). We advised customers of this via this page and in an email in July 2015 (to those signed up to contact) to spend any existing loyalty points before this date as existing points may disappear if they are over 3 months old. This is the reason why the threshold was reduced earlier.


Please see our terms & conditions page for more information.