K-Bins are flat packed and supplied in outers for protection, they are quickly assembled and ‘in use’ on your shelves in minutes.

Contains the 'A' range, 'B' range, TPA range, T11 range, MS range, Stacking Boxes & Archival Storage.

K-Bins are typically despatched straight from the manufacturer and so delivery is usually 2-3 working days on these items.

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TPA3010 K-Bin (Pack of 25)

TPA3010 K-Bin (Pack of 25)TPA3010£23.97

TPA3020 K-Bin (Pack of 25)

TPA3020 K-Bin (Pack of 25)TPA3020£28.73

B4020 K-Bin (Pack of 25)

B4020 K-Bin (Pack of 25)B4020£38.93

TPA2020 K-Bin (Pack of 25)

TPA2020 K-Bin (Pack of 25)TPA2020£27.54

A3010 K-Bin (Pack of 50)

A3010 K-Bin (Pack of 50)A3010£24.57

A3015 K-Bin (Pack of 50)

A3015 K-Bin (Pack of 50)A3015£28.90

A5015 K-Bin (Pack of 50)

A5015 K-Bin (Pack of 50)A5015£38.93

B6015 K-Bin (Pack of 25)

B6015 K-Bin (Pack of 25)B6015£41.65

B6020 K-Bin (Pack of 25)

B6020 K-Bin (Pack of 25)B6020£42.67

B6025 K-Bin (Pack of 25)

B6025 K-Bin (Pack of 25)B6025£44.71

B6030 K-Bin (Pack of 25)

B6030 K-Bin (Pack of 25)B6030£46.24

TPA4520 K-Bin (Pack of 25)

TPA4520 K-Bin (Pack of 25)TPA4520£34.85

A1505 K-Bin (Pack of 50)

A1505 K-Bin (Pack of 50)A1505£18.19

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