Valentines Cinema Promotion





Please submit request prior to 08/02/17.
You will receive an email from us within 2 working days confirming an eligible claim, the amount you will receive and any other applicable details. All valid requests will have their gift cards despatched by 10/02/17.
Max 1 request per customer
(If you are likely to place several orders, we suggest saving invoices up and submitting your claim nearer the end of the promotional period)
Max claim £50.

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Terms & Conditions

Qualifying Invoiced Spend Exc VAT/Delivery

Gift Card Amount You Will Receive

£250 - £499.99


£500 - £749.99


£750 - £999.99


£1000 - £1249.99



£50 (Maximum)

-Claims will only be accepted via the online form at Requests will be processed within 2 working days. You will receive a confirmation email once the claim has been processed. Claims must be made by 23.59 on 08/12/17.

-The form must be completed in full with any qualifying invoice numbers submitted.

- The ‘qualifying spend’ period for this promotion is 03/01/2017 & 03/02/2017 Inclusive. The order(s) must placed and an invoice generated within this period.

- Invoice is defined as either:

1) A PDF invoice generated by our website entitled ‘Invoice’ and with an invoice number beginning ‘PO’ i.e ‘PO12345’. Use the ‘Sub Total’ amount before any delivery charges from this invoice to get your qualifying spend. These invoices can be found within your online account or within an email.

2) An invoice generated by our back office system entitled invoice and with an invoice number beginning ‘ IN’ i.e ‘IN00012345’. You are likely to receive this type of invoice if you are a credit account holder or if you placed your order via email/phone/fax. Use the ‘Goods Total’ amount from this invoice to get your qualifying spend.

In some circumstances, customers may receive both a ‘PO’ invoice and an ‘IN’ invoice – if this is the case, please only submit 1 of the invoice numbers as they will be cross referenced to ensure duplicates are not received.

- Invoices must all be invoiced to the same address, although delivery addresses can be different to each other.

-You can submit as many individual, unique invoices as you like so long as they are submitted in one go. Multiple invoices can be submitted to make up thresholds, i.e £90, £60 & £100 to make £250 or £30, £300, £175 to meet the £500 threshold. Please save up invoices during qualifying period and only make 1 claim as further claims will be denied.

-Eligible amount is the total invoiced amount excluding VAT & any delivery charges. If any discount code has been used or any loyalty points redeemed, it will be the amount after these deductions that qualifies & still excluding any VAT or delivery. For example the total invoice amounts to £100. However £20 of that is VAT, therefore the qualifying amount is £80.

- Max 1 claim of up to £50 per customer, email & invoice address. Please submit all eligible invoices in one application. For example;  if you place an order for £250 on 10/01/17 and then submit  a claim on the 15/01/17 for a £10 Voucher,  then you place another order for £500 later in the month, you will not be able to submit another request to claim a further £20. However if you submit the two invoices in one go amounting to £750, you will receive a £30 gift card. Therefore it may be better to submit your request towards the end of the promotion if you think you are likely to place more orders.

- 1 Gift Card will be sent with total eligible amount on. Please allow up to 15 working days for the gift card to arrive once we confirm a despatch date, although it should arrive within 1-3 working days.

- The terms and conditions set by each cinema apply to use of gift cards. Laser Media Supplies are not responsible for any issues which may arise from use of gift card.

-If any goods are subsequently returned resulting in you falling below a threshold for a gift card that has been despatched, we reserve the right to deduct relevant voucher amount from your refund/credit. Similarly any credits raised against goods that were invoiced during the qualifying period will be deducted from qualifying amount.

-All invoices will be verified to check eligible amounts and to ensure no goods were cancelled/rejected/returned/credited.

-Customers with overdue credit accounts at time of claiming will not be eligible to receive a gift card.

-Gift cards are subject to availability and you can select a cinema chain from either Odeon, Vue or Cineworld.

-It is a customers responsibility to submit a claim if they wish to take part.

- These terms and conditions may be updated at any time.

-We reserve the right to end this promotion at any time.

-All decisions by Laser Media Supplies are final.



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